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Reduce Stress, Depression-Learn To Heal-Don't Dwell-Illness Recovery

Sam shelley's Path to Recovery - Heal by reducing stress

When Sam was told that he was “incurable,” he stopped living; he lost hope and became suicidal. He became convinced that his thoughts of hopelessness and suffering were the absolute truth. Sam knew there had to be a path besides traditional medicine. His discovery of meditation triggered a profound awakening that led to a miraculous healing.

Based on his experiences, Sam developed a passion for helping others release themselves from thought addiction that causes unnecessary pain and suffering. As a Mindset Mentor and "Anti-Thought" Leader, Sam speaks to others and teaches them about the limitations perpetuated by their own minds, and how they can overcome it.   Sam's main topic of discussion revolves around "The Art of Letting Go."

Watch the introductory video below to learn more about how Sam can help you.

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