The Year in Review? Resolutions? Plans for 2014?

The end of the year is almost here and a lot of articles and social media prompts are asking questions.   All these questions want you to dwell on the past year or project what is going to happen in the New Year.

The subconscious is the master of our domain –it stories the memories and beliefs (the programs).  These questions fuel the subconscious which keeps us stuck in the story of me.  The story of me is where all our suffering is stored.

If I took the question; “How was you year in 2004?”   This was the year I was diagnosed with MS.   I wouldn’t have much of an answer — MS was a nightmare.  Living a “normal” life was difficult.  That question would have led me to do dwell in thoughts of a difficult life.   It would give my MS story more power over me.

If the next question was, “What’s your big plan for 2005?”  I probably would have answered to live a “normal” life with MS.   However the subconscious mind was stuck in the story of “a difficult life with MS.”     Living a “normal” life would not come true unless the subconscious program was removed.

I focused 2004 and 2005 since they offered clarity for this article.    We have all dramatic events that keep us stuck.   Drama is a part of life and it’s important not to dwell on any areas.

The subconscious mind works much faster than the conscious mind.   The brain developed the subconscious mind to save energy and time – it creates programs.   Making conscious choices is slower and uses more energy.  We have to work on the subconscious programming by being in the present moment.

The ancient text of India, the Bhagivita gita provides great advice to stay in this moment.  “You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. “

Basically, “focus on the task at hand and not the end result. “   Whatever you are doing at this moment, give the task at hand your full attention.  The end result is mind activity, projecting what the final outcome is going to be.  We cannot predict the precise outcome — the outcome will take care of itself if when we give our attention to each moment.

When I was dealing with MS, I was usually focused on the end result — A “normal” life.   If I was in each moment giving my full attention to the task of rehabilitation — I would have recovered quicker.   The subconscious mind had a story that “life was difficult.”  The conscious mind was focused on a “normal” life.   The subconscious mind will always determine the final outcome.    Positive affirmations do not work until the subconscious program is removed.

To stay in this moment we need to make a conscious choice, and not allowing the subconscious program to run the show. If we focus our attention on this moment the mind is not chattering — the mind will be quiet and still.

If we look at resolutions and we set a goal to “work out 3 or 4 times a week and lose 50 pounds by the end of the year.”  This became out focus,   you just wrote a program for the subconscious.   The first week you succeeded and worked out 4 times.  The mind is happy.   The next week, work got really busy and you didn’t make it to the gym.   Uh-oh,   the requirements for the subconscious program were not met.    You begin to suffer.   You start thinking that work is terrible and it keeps you too busy.   You start to get angry about work.   Anger activates the “fight or flight response” in the body.   This increases your heart rate and anger floods the body with cortisol.   In time you will find yourself dealing with heart disease or diabetes from the cortisol.  Cortisol increases sugar in  the bloodstream.

Do not set resolutions with such rigid outcomes.   Change it — I will take better care of the body.   Better care would be to be fully in this moment and not allowing the mind to pull you into the world of imagination.  If you make it to the gym great,   give it your full attention and do not concern yourself on the end result of a fit body.   If you worked out with your full focus on working out with no concern on the end result you will be healthier and in better shape then you could have imagined.   You will have no stress about working out since you are not fixated on the end result.   No stress equals no cortisol and you are healthier.

Plans are difficult to make without dwelling in thoughts.    I am planning on a trip to LA in April 2014 to attend a conference.  If the mind was in control then I would have a list of accomplishments to achieve while there – I have none.   The only thing that may happen in April is that I may end up in LA beyond that is a guess.   I trust that the universe has everything under control and I will learn what I need from the event.   Life in the unknowing is wonderful,   many things happen that I could never have imagined.   No subconscious programs are set,   those only succeed in limiting us.

Be mindful of any questions that cause you to dwell in thoughts.   These thoughts are pulling you out of this moment.


I don't dwellI have created a new Facebook group.   

“I don’t dwell” – Offering loving support to all that are suffering.

Suffering comes in all forms — disease, illness, emotional distress, or current life circumstances.

When one suffers we all suffer.

I am offering this space to let people know that they are not alone in their suffering, there are people that will love you unconditionally. From a place of love we can stop suffering.

Everyone is welcomed and loved. No one is judged.


I’m Bored! How Subconscious Programming Causes Suffering

subconscious programmingI’ve posted my latest blog post on medium.com; click here to read it.

In this article I talk about how the subconscious programming causes suffering.

What would your life look like if you removed all the programs that cause you to suffer?

Here’s a preview:

When I was six years old I was hit by a van that almost killed me. I was stuck in bed for several months in a body cast recovering. There wasn’t much mental stimulation during this recovery. My father brought me a new toy every week to try to stem the boredom. I also watched TV non-stop.

Recovery was BORING, the mind needed its mental junk food —the TV. Through TV I learned that I had to see “dancing monkeys” to be entertained.

We are never taught how TV works on the brain. It is aptly called a TV program for a reason. TV works by taking us below thoughts. When we are below thoughts we are at the mercy of the TV programs. The TV programs plant all sorts of things into our minds. The commercials are building brand loyalty.

They start out when we are young and 50 years later you are still loyal to Coke, McDonald’s, Ford, and Chevy. They have planted programs in the brain — “Buy Coke”, “Buy McDonald’s”, “Buy Ford”, ”Buy Chevy.”

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I’m Worried About You

worriedI was very sickly growing up.   My mom would frequently say, “I’m worried about you.”

Stating that you are worried about a person — to the person — is the worst thing you can do for them.  When I was growing up, I had no idea of the power behind my mother’s statements.

There are two categories of emotions: love and fear. All emotions can be traced back to one of these two categories.

Each emotion has an energetic charge to it. Energy attracts like energy. If someone is upbeat or positive and enters your space you will notice that you will  feel their uplifting attitude. If someone is complaining or yelling and enters your space you will notice that you will  feel their down-beat attitude.

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What Seeds are Being Planted to Help Your Personal Growth?

personal growthLife is always giving us what we need at this time — we simply need to pay attention to this moment.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I took a writing course from Joshua Fields Millburn (JFM).    In the course he mentioned blog sites that he likes: Colin Wright, AJ Leon and several others. I began to read their sites and follow them on social media with hopes that I may learn some writing and blogging tidbits.  I saw a post from Colin where he listed an event called the Instigator Experiment led by his friend Srinivas Rao.

I felt an impulse to read through the website for the event — nine speakers and a limit of 60 attendees.  I like small events and I only knew one speaker: AJ Leon.  Seeing AJ Leon’s name was a confirmation; I immediately knew that this was the next step after the writing course.  The universe is giving me another experience to grow.

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Advice for Those Diagnosed With Any Ailment

diagnosedI have been diagnosed with bipolar, multiple sclerosis (MS), migraines, psoriasis, and psoriatic arthritis. Suffering was a way of life.

When I was diagnosed with MS I was terrified, I knew nothing about it. I was in the hospital with a lot of symptoms (unable to walk, vision issues, half of the body was numb) but no diagnosis for a few weeks. The doctors at the hospital weren’t too helpful with providing information. Although I was suffering a lot of mental anguish with this diagnosis — nothing they could say would have reassured me at the time. Later, I was transferred to a rehab center.

At the rehab center they gave me some outdated information — I didn’t know at this time. This information was way too much for me to handle and caused my bipolar brain to become unstable. The item that struck me the most was the mention of a wheelchair for 80 percent of those diagnosed after ten years. I was 37 at the time and I had a lot of fear about being in a wheelchair by the time I was 50.

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