Finding True Freedom When The World Is Falling Apart

Finding true freedomThis was a challenging week, as most weeks are. Life is hard. There was a mixture of desirable and undesirable event, from a new office to a very sick father in intensive care (who has since made a remarkable recovery and is home).

This is all part of my life experience, and these have to be accepted fully. The mind will naturally try to alter the past by denying the current situation, and the past cannot be changed. If I did not accept these experiences or circumstances fully then I’ll give the mind fuel to create stress, anxiety, worry and fear. Accepting each moment is unnatural, since this is not normally taught.

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The healing power of the divine love within us

healing powerEarlier this week my father was near death after kidney failure which triggered septic shock. He was in the intensive care unit (ICU) with an uncertain outlook.

My father has had a lot of health challenges over the past five years. Most of his health recoveries have been slow and difficult. After being in the ICU for several days, he is being transferred to a normal room. I began to wonder why he recovered so quickly this time around, what is different this time?

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