Sam J. Shelley Discussing Ways To Reduce Stress During The Free Holistic Fashionista Speaker Series

On Monday, October 20 at 12:00pm PST, Sam J. Shelley will be appearing as a featured inspirational speaker during the 10-day Holistic Fashionista Speaker Series, which runs October 14 to 24.

Reduce Stress: Sam J. Shelley to speak at Holistic Fashionista Speaker Series

Throughout Sam’s talk, “Five Minutes a Day to Reduce Stress,” you’ll learn ways to eliminate the negative chatter and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your true potential in both business and life. You’ll also gain usable, actionable tips for discovering your own personal path to wellness and permanent happiness. And Sam will share a number of the tips that have led to highly improved levels of concentration—and greater levels of productivity—in his Mindset Mentoring clients.

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