Help Wanted! Social Media and Online Assistance

social media assistantI am currently looking for someone to join my team and assist with social media and other tasks as required from time to time for my Mindset Mentoring business.

The successful candidate must excel at social media and understand strategy as well as implementation. I am not looking for someone to simply create and post information, but rather the successful candidate needs a proven track record for getting results on social media. (If you have that success with holistic entrepreneurs, that would be a bonus.)

Please provide me with examples of how you generally work with your existing clients (ie the types of strategies you implement) and the types of results you have received for them through social media. I would also love to see examples of some of the social media channels you are currently working with (including your own) so please provide me with links so I can see you “in action.”

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Names (Labels) Create Mental Limitations

mental limitationsI’m staring up at the ceiling, and I see the constellation Orion.  Then I look around and notice the “ceiling” is filled with stars.  I look over at the clock – 5 AM.  I still feel myself lying in bed.  I close my eyes, and open them again and notice that nothing has changed.  No ceiling, 5 AM, still in bed.  I do this for several minutes to confirm my reality. This isn’t the first time that I saw stars, but this was the first time I remember doing a thorough investigation of my surroundings.

Later in the day while in mediation, I went into a self-compilation practice.  This is where you ask yourself a big question with no easy answer (who am I?).

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Newly Diagnosed With MS? Here Is Some Advice

When I was diagnosed with my various ailments, I read everything I could about the diseases.   I became a walking encyclopedia of knowledge.

Newly Diagnosed with MSThere was a problem with knowing all this information: my mind had a habit of believing that everything I read would happen to me.

With multiple sclerosis, there’s a lot of discussion around fatigue.   This gave me the belief that I was supposed to be tired all the time.  Then I took medication to combat the fatigue.

With bipolar, I wasn’t supposed to be dependable.   Which added to the stigma of mental health, that I’m not supposed to be dependable and worthy.

Not being worthy created a lot issues with self-esteem, and I felt that I wasn’t good enough.  These ‘not good enough beliefs’ added to the suicidal thoughts.

I would’ve been a lot better off not reading anything about my diseases, and instead simply living life to the best of my ability.   However, this was not my mind’s default behavior.  My mind enjoyed acquiring information.   Then my mind took all this information and played games:  What if this happens? My future life is going to look like this with my diseases, etc.

My mind loved to play the dwelling-in-thought game, which added additional stress.  This additional stress lead to more diseases.

If you are newly diagnosed with MS, my advice would be to stop reading about your ailments, and go live life.

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“Love Healing Blessings”: Experience The Descent Of Grace

healing blessingDuring a deep meditation, I felt the descent of grace, the same grace that descended that triggered my medical miracle (radical remission of multiple sclerosis, arthritis, bipolar, migraines).  Grace had a message for me to offer “Love Healing Blessings.”   This blessing came with a vision on how to give this grace filled “Love Healing”  to the world.

In a blessing, the divine love within me connects to the divine love within you.   When the connection is established, three triangles appear in my vision.  Then I feel this warm, loving energy descending and wrapping itself around us.  This loving grace is clearing the energy fields of any stuck energy, and dissolving the mental mud from our thoughts that are filling our head with the  not good enough beliefs.

The blessing is mostly silent, I offer words as they arise.  A typical session lasts between 5 and 8 minutes. After the session the receiver shall sit for several minutes and allow this love to integrate.

This blessing is offered by donation.

Click here to schedule your session.

I was frazzled and anxious. As the blessing began, I felt a calming and a release.” ~Mary

Sam J. Shelley provides mindset mentoring services to help you overcome fear, depression, sickness and more. Through the power of meditation and yoga, you too can learn to better control your thoughts. Contact Sam today to schedule your free :15 minute consultation.

Based in the Philadelphia suburbs (Bucks County / Montgomery County PA area), Sam can easily and personally meet with you in greater tri-state area and beyond. Sam also provides Skype services as well.

Podcasts For Healing And Other Podcast Outlets

podcasts for healingSometimes I get asked  why I’m talking to certain podcasts,  and if I’m concerned about the image their show projects.

I’ll basically talk to anyone that will listen,  as long as their podcast does not promote harm or cruelty.   It does not matter to me if they have an audience of  one or thousands.   If my words can improve the life of one individual then that podcast interview is a success.

If I am only talking to spirituality podcasts,  then someone like me when I was a health catastrophe will miss my message.   I recently booked a show on a comedy podcast — the Rob and Slim show.   A comedy podcast is a perfect vehicle for me, since I try to get people to not take life so seriously.

I’ve been sending my information to several podcasts for healing, and others as well,  trying to get booked to share my message.   I simply need to speak and inspire people that their stressed out life doesn’t have to be that way.

If you have a podcast  and need guests, let’s chat. Send an email to  media at dontdwell.org

Chronic Insomnia Home Remedy: Post Spiritual Awakening

chronic insomniaAfter my spiritual awakening,  sleeping became impossible.   I had a lot of energy pouring through me and I would sleep 3-5 hours a night.  Recently,  I attended the science and non-duality conference and saw Igor Kufayev.   I know that he has a wealth of information on spiritual awakening.    I posed the question to him,  “how do I sleep?”

He gave me a recipe for a chronic insomnia home remedy that is working for me,  and now I sleep 7-8 hours a night.

Before bed,  I meditate in silence for one hour.  I also meditate an hour in the morning   Two hours of silent  meditation a day.

Right before bed I drink a small glass of warm organic milk with a 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon,  and a little nutmeg.

I take gotu-kola twice a day.

Please let me know if this works for you,  or if you have other tips,  and if you’re completely lost on your insomnia issues then we should talk — please feel free to contact me.

Sam J. Shelley provides mindset mentoring services to help you overcome fear, depression, sickness and more. Through the power of meditation and yoga, you too can learn to better control your thoughts. Need to get over insomnia? Contact Sam today to schedule your free :15 minute consultation.

Based in the Philadelphia suburbs (Bucks County / Montgomery County PA area), Sam can easily and personally meet with you in greater tri-state area and beyond. Sam also provides Skype services as well.

The Primal Mindset Of Catcalling

Woman defendingI saw a post from my friend talking about catcalling, the practice of whistling or making rude comments to a female passerby.   She was taking care of some local errands in her NYC neighborhood and seven men decided to invoke catcalling.

Catcalling is driven by object consciousness.   Most humans live in this state.   Somewhere between waking consciousness and dream consciousness.

In full waking consciousness you would see that this is another human being that needs to be treated with compassion and kindness.  Thoughts aren’t casting judgments.

In dream consciousness you are completely lost in your thoughts in a world of fantasy and oblivious to the fact that thoughts are in control.

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Are beliefs harmful? 

Are Beliefs HarmfulI had beliefs about everything: doctors, medicine, food, relationships, religion, death, etc.   I can reflect back and see that beliefs that I took as the truth, were only true from my limited perspective.  But I took them as the truth for everyone.

These beliefs created a lot of conflicts when others that did not align with my viewpoint. I also had numerous beliefs about my health, and believed doctors would fix me.  Sticking to these beliefs kept me sick, since I wasn’t fully in touch with my body.

So, are beliefs harmful? A belief is a just a story from the mind that was created from an out of control thought machine.   The mind creates over 50,000 thoughts a day, and only a small percentage of thoughts are useful to solve issues.   Most thoughts are stuck reflecting on the past, guessing the future, or creating limitations through the various beliefs.

Beliefs create blind spots from knowing what is really true.   I would urge you to examine all your beliefs, and drop the ones that do not serve your best interest to stay relaxed and healthy.  If you have a firm opinion about something, this is good sign that is fixed to a belief. Is that opinion the absolute truth?

Through my simple meditation practice, I was able to get separation from the thoughts, and I freed myself from the beliefs.

I have a bunch of articles to read if you wish to learn meditation, or you could schedule a free call and I can get you started.

Reduce Pain By Healing Emotions

Sitting around being sad and depressed was my normal way of life.   Sometimes this would result in hospitalization to insure that I would not harm myself.  I often had strong emotions of not being enough or worthy — I had a lot of self-esteem issues.  I had a habit of taking all my thoughts as the absolute truth.

My emotions were felt thoughts.  For example,  someone that is afraid of heights can image themselves on a high building looking down — their heart rate will increase and their palms will get sweaty.  The brain is easily fooled into believing thoughts are the truth,  or the current reality.

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How to use watching football as a spiritual practice

After the science and nonduality conference this past weekend in San Jose,  John took me out to dinner at a local pizza restaurant.  The TV was on,  the resturant was showing the football game between  Washington and Dallas.

How to Turn the Big Game Into a Spiritual PracticeJohn was facing the TV,  and my back was to the TV.   He mentioned that Romo was injured on a play,  and the TV then showed the owner Jones.

He mentioned that Jones must be worried about Romo.

And I asked, “Why do you think that?  Perhaps he is worried about the potential loss to the business, and has no real concerns for the players’ health.”   I then mentioned that his mind is creating a story about everything he is seeing,  and that he is unable to know exactly what Jones is thinking.

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