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Creating a social profit organization for Head Trash Anonymous

Being a social entrepreneur, I’ve been struggling for years trying to determine a business model that resonates with my business.  A business based on the knowledge I learned from healing myself from chronic, disabling diseases.   I’ve looked at the various flavors of corporations, LLC, and non-profits.  Nothing quite seemed to fit what I needed.  A business coach recently said a “social profit,” you don’t have all the organization responsibilities of a 501(3)(c) yet you’re giving away 80% to charity.

I wasn’t sure how that would work, so I do what I normally do and brought this “social profit” idea to meditation.  I’m a firm believer of allowing the mind to relax, and allow the intuitive voice to arise.  This is a paradox; the mind believes it knows the best way forward while my gut feeling may be something entirely different.

Another way to view this paradox is from the eyes of a CEO.  Perhaps there is a new partnership possibility and they request various pieces of information along with advice from key staff.  Everyone could be green lighting this partnership yet the CEO gathers all this information and considers all the guidance yet something deep down tells them this is a bad idea and scratches this partnership.   A few months later something happens to this potential partner that no one saw coming, by not entering the partnership this company is spared financial damage.

While sitting in meditation this insight came through.  “Sam helps you by clearing your head trash.  You help Sam by paying a fee.  Then together you impact the world by a donating 80% of the net profits to a charity.”

I now how a clear vision on how this organization moves forward as a social profit.  As a social entrepreneur I want to give away millions without saying a word, as opposed to numerous entrepreneur’s bragging about their wealth and possessions.    I don’t remember exactly who said this perhaps Dr. Wayne Dyer, but this always stuck with me, “people won’t remember you by your possessions, nor your accomplishments, but by how you made them feel.”

My personal desire is for individuals to know a life without head trash – a life filled with happiness, clarity, and confidence.   A life I did not know for 44 years when my mind was filled with head trash.  An earlier life when I had to be committed so I did not commit suicide,  an early life filled with panic attacks.

Sam Shelley aka the Head Trash Baba is a published author, self-realized spiritual teacher and healer, and founder of Head Trash Anonymous.  Visit www.headtrashanonymous.org and join the newsletter to receive a complementary of “I Don’t Dwell,” which details his healing journey and a do-it-yourself guide to reclaiming your life from the mental garbage.

Changing Our Relationships With Our Thoughts: Mantra Yoga + Health interview

Here is the unabridged full interview.  A partial interview was included in issue 9 of Mantra Yoga Health magazine.

Laying in a hospital bed with 15 prescriptions each day ruling his life,
Sam Shelley finally said, “Enough!” His life had been a long series of illnesses, each one more crippling than the last. At age 6, a hit and Mantra  Yoga Healthrun accident with a van nearly killed him. Since then, the hospitalizations for depression and the anxiety began, eventually morphing into bi-polar disorder, suicidal tendencies and finally multiple sclerosis. During one particularly tough hospital stay, Sam experienced a profound shift — an awakening — that forever changed his life. Eighteen months after that shift, Sam slowly awakened and is today symptom-free (and drug-free).

Here’s how he did it:

Mantra Yoga + Health: Sam, your story is amazing. How did you first realize that meditation would help?

Sam Shelley: I didn’t know it would, but I began to read and was curious how meditation and mindfulness might work for me. I started to get very quiet and over time, I began to see that the thoughts I was having weren’t “me” — they were separate entities. I continued to meditate and separate myself from the thoughts — just note them as they floated by — and one day, I had an awareness. A clarity that spoke the words “perfect spirit” to me, and I then realized that my spirit — who I was — was pure. It was my thoughts that were not — and they were separate from me. I could choose to believe that “perfect spirit” was truth and the thoughts began to have less and less power.

Slowly, the ill health that had been plaguing me for so long began to dissipate. I worked with my doctors to reduce the drugs I was on, based on the reduction in symptoms, and following my perfect spirit, became stronger each day. I now see this as a true awakening and I feel strongly that I’m not that special — this ability is available to each of us, if we choose to see our thoughts as separate and re-write the things we tell ourselves each day.

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The Mind is a Liar!

meditation and inner peace
Confused Mind

Over the weekend, I meet a friend at Starbucks and we were discussing our businesses. She asked me if I had to summarize my core message in one line what that would be. I answered; “The mind is a liar.”

I can think of numerous events where I believed my mind was telling me the truth. When I was staring at a bottle of sleeping pills, and writing the suicide note. My mind convinced me that I “wasn’t worthy of life.” How can that be? My wife loved me; why wasn’t I able to see this?

Another time, I was laying in the hospital bed at age 37 unable to walk. After a few weeks, a doctor walked into my hospital room, and nonchalantly told me that I had multiple sclerosis. As quickly as he delivered that news, he walked back out of the room. No big deal to him – he wasn’t the one laying there suffering! After that news, I remember laying their crying. I could feel myself slip into a deep depression. My mind convinced me that “life was over.”  I simply gave up hope that I would lead a normal life. Once again, why I was convinced that the opinion of the mind was the truth?

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Names (Labels) Create Mental Limitations

mental limitationsI’m staring up at the ceiling, and I see the constellation Orion.  Then I look around and notice the “ceiling” is filled with stars.  I look over at the clock – 5 AM.  I still feel myself lying in bed.  I close my eyes, and open them again and notice that nothing has changed.  No ceiling, 5 AM, still in bed.  I do this for several minutes to confirm my reality. This isn’t the first time that I saw stars, but this was the first time I remember doing a thorough investigation of my surroundings.

Later in the day while in mediation, I went into a self-compilation practice.  This is where you ask yourself a big question with no easy answer (who am I?).

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The Primal Mindset Of Catcalling

Woman defendingI saw a post from my friend talking about catcalling, the practice of whistling or making rude comments to a female passerby.   She was taking care of some local errands in her NYC neighborhood and seven men decided to invoke catcalling.

Catcalling is driven by object consciousness.   Most humans live in this state.   Somewhere between waking consciousness and dream consciousness.

In full waking consciousness you would see that this is another human being that needs to be treated with compassion and kindness.  Thoughts aren’t casting judgments.

In dream consciousness you are completely lost in your thoughts in a world of fantasy and oblivious to the fact that thoughts are in control.

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Are beliefs harmful? 

Are Beliefs HarmfulI had beliefs about everything: doctors, medicine, food, relationships, religion, death, etc.   I can reflect back and see that beliefs that I took as the truth, were only true from my limited perspective.  But I took them as the truth for everyone.

These beliefs created a lot of conflicts when others that did not align with my viewpoint. I also had numerous beliefs about my health, and believed doctors would fix me.  Sticking to these beliefs kept me sick, since I wasn’t fully in touch with my body.

So, are beliefs harmful? A belief is a just a story from the mind that was created from an out of control thought machine.   The mind creates over 50,000 thoughts a day, and only a small percentage of thoughts are useful to solve issues.   Most thoughts are stuck reflecting on the past, guessing the future, or creating limitations through the various beliefs.

Beliefs create blind spots from knowing what is really true.   I would urge you to examine all your beliefs, and drop the ones that do not serve your best interest to stay relaxed and healthy.  If you have a firm opinion about something, this is good sign that is fixed to a belief. Is that opinion the absolute truth?

Through my simple meditation practice, I was able to get separation from the thoughts, and I freed myself from the beliefs.

I have a bunch of articles to read if you wish to learn meditation, or you could schedule a free call and I can get you started.

Reduce Pain By Healing Emotions

Sitting around being sad and depressed was my normal way of life.   Sometimes this would result in hospitalization to insure that I would not harm myself.  I often had strong emotions of not being enough or worthy — I had a lot of self-esteem issues.  I had a habit of taking all my thoughts as the absolute truth.

My emotions were felt thoughts.  For example,  someone that is afraid of heights can image themselves on a high building looking down — their heart rate will increase and their palms will get sweaty.  The brain is easily fooled into believing thoughts are the truth,  or the current reality.

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How to use watching football as a spiritual practice

After the science and nonduality conference this past weekend in San Jose,  John took me out to dinner at a local pizza restaurant.  The TV was on,  the resturant was showing the football game between  Washington and Dallas.

How to Turn the Big Game Into a Spiritual PracticeJohn was facing the TV,  and my back was to the TV.   He mentioned that Romo was injured on a play,  and the TV then showed the owner Jones.

He mentioned that Jones must be worried about Romo.

And I asked, “Why do you think that?  Perhaps he is worried about the potential loss to the business, and has no real concerns for the players’ health.”   I then mentioned that his mind is creating a story about everything he is seeing,  and that he is unable to know exactly what Jones is thinking.

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The First Step To Heal And Taking Back Control

I suffered for 30+ years with bipolar, multiple sclerosis, among other ailments.  I kept seeing my doctors who continued to prescribe medicine to fix me.

I can look back and see that I was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – that is the definition of insanity.

I see that it was a deep rooted fear that by changing a normal routine would cause my health conditions to get worse.  My health was already dire, it couldn’t have gotten much worse.  I allowed myself to heal when I made a change to my normal routine.

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Finding True Freedom When The World Is Falling Apart

Finding true freedomThis was a challenging week, as most weeks are. Life is hard. There was a mixture of desirable and undesirable event, from a new office to a very sick father in intensive care (who has since made a remarkable recovery and is home).

This is all part of my life experience, and these have to be accepted fully. The mind will naturally try to alter the past by denying the current situation, and the past cannot be changed. If I did not accept these experiences or circumstances fully then I’ll give the mind fuel to create stress, anxiety, worry and fear. Accepting each moment is unnatural, since this is not normally taught.

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