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Paying Attention To The Universe

Paying Attention To The UniverseAt 4:45 am this morning,   I start the Uber app to request a car to take me to the Philly airport.    Strange, app isn’t working….just hangs and does nothing.   By 5 am the app finally starts.   I request a car, and then Uber states that a car is not available try again in a few minutes.    I then get around 25 or so text messages from Virgin America about my flight statss, all is good — 3 hours to go.  I guess they are having a problem with their texting service.   For the next 30 minutes I try Uber for a car.  No luck, plan B.

Plan B is too drive myself to the airport.    Not ideal, but I can live with it.    I get about 10 minutes away from the house and my check engine light comes on,   along with the oil light and the cruise control light.    I’m not driving another 45 minutes with all these lights on.  I turn around with the plan to take Amy’s car to the airport – Plan C.

Plan C begins — take Amy’s car to the airport.    Its 5:50 am it’s going to be close, but if I get there at 7 am …I should be okay (normally an hour commute).      Amy doesn’t have gas,   after this delay I’m on the road.    I hit a lot of traffic, and get to the airport at 7:20.   It takes another 10 minutes to find parking…..there is no way I’m making this flight with 30 minutes to go.    It’s a 5 minute walk to the check-in counter.

I head to the check-in, and talk to the young man at the counter.  I ask if it’s too late.  He said yes.   On tonight’s flight to LAX we have 27 seats available.   Twenty-seven?   That’s odd, since that is about the same number of texts I received this morning from Virgin America.

On the long ride home, my mind began to drift for the reason why I didn’t make this flight to LAX.   Was I not supposed to be on Virgin Atlantic #121?   Was I not supposed to be in LA at 11 am?    With a later flight,   will I meet someone on a later flight that changes the course of my life?  Was I not supposed to see my Uncle Ray today? And on, and on the mind continued telling stories.

When I arrived home, and park the car.   I see a message on my phone– FLIGHT DELAYED!

I was getting ready to publish, and  I hear Amy upstairs.   I go upstairs to tell her that I didn’t make the flight.   She is disoriented.   She tells about the weird dream she just had.    I was stuck someplace due the flight with a guy and a girl that she never saw, and it had lots of chaos that she couldn’t sort it.  It was an odd dream, and I can tell it really disturbed her.

Thanks Universe, I got the message.   I send my love to the passengers and crew on flight #121 for safe passage.   For some reason, my course needed to be changed.  I will keep a look out to see if I’m not supposed to be on tonight’s flight.

Are you paying attention to the universe?

What Seeds are Being Planted to Help Your Personal Growth?

personal growthLife is always giving us what we need at this time — we simply need to pay attention to this moment.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I took a writing course from Joshua Fields Millburn (JFM).    In the course he mentioned blog sites that he likes: Colin Wright, AJ Leon and several others. I began to read their sites and follow them on social media with hopes that I may learn some writing and blogging tidbits.  I saw a post from Colin where he listed an event called the Instigator Experiment led by his friend Srinivas Rao.

I felt an impulse to read through the website for the event — nine speakers and a limit of 60 attendees.  I like small events and I only knew one speaker: AJ Leon.  Seeing AJ Leon’s name was a confirmation; I immediately knew that this was the next step after the writing course.  The universe is giving me another experience to grow.

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