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“The Way” to Healing Pain

healing_rockI wake up Saturday morning at 3 am, my whole body is engulfed in pain.  I awake with a migraine, I feel feverish, and my whole body just aches.  I have lived the past two months on the road.  I took a job as a “roadie” setting up school assembly programs.  This job as a presenter requires long drives and unloading a van with a lot of equipment, setting up three large screen, three projectors, a Bose sound system with two large speakers.  A physically demanding job.

Prior to this job my body has endured forty years of serious trauma; from being crushed by a van, to Bipolar Disorder, to painful migraines, to being a disabled man from Multiple Sclerosis.   I was fortunate to reverse the damage done to the body.  I found “The Way” to heal through meditation, mindfulness, and yoga.  I detail all this out in my first book “I Don’t Dwell.”

When I got out of bed at 3 am, I fixed myself a little something to eat.  My body craves food with migraines.  After some water and a granola bar, I sit for meditation.   When people think of meditation they tend to shy away.  I have a no rules approach to meditation.  If you gave me a series of steps or rules when I was dealing with my OCD bipolar brain, I would have never found “The Way.”  Rules become a mental prison.

By 3:30 am I’m sitting in meditation.  I find that when pain, stress, or worry arrive in my mind, I go within and remove the garbage.  Within a little bit of time the garbage is removed and the pain is much less.  I write a few pages, and then return to bed.   When I wake up the pain is lingering and I head back into meditation and repeat.   After two days of this process I feel back to normal.

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself.  One simply needs to find “The Way” for them.   A one size fits all approach to life doesn’t work  There are 7.3 billion people on the Earth.  There are 7.3 billion paths to deal with pain; emotional, physical, or spiritual.   “The Way” is always internal, and the outside world is an aide.  The aide could arrive in a supplement, a vitamin, an essential oil, a specific diet, a doctor, a teacher, etc.  The number of aides is infinite.

The only requirement to finding “The Way” is to have an open mind.  A willingness to explore and remove the limiting beliefs –the garbage.  As Lao Zhou said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”   I moved my mountain of “incurable” diseases one pebble at a time.

I left my corporate job to help others heal, and find lasting happiness.

Please join the Heal Yourself Club on Facebook.   This is your one life,  you don’t need to continue to suffer.   Let’s find “The Way!”

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Heal Multiple Sclerosis Naturally With Yoga And Meditation

Heal Multiple Sclerosis Naturally With Yoga And MeditationApril 2004, I find myself confined to a hospital bed in the neurological wing of University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.   I am unable to walk, the left side of my body is numb, I can barely see – the left eye is jumping around and the right eye is blurry, I notice that swallowing is a challenge,  and they put in a Foley last night since I cannot pee.

Two weeks early, I was normal. I attended the Phillies home opener in their new stadium.  A few days after attending the game I had the worst headache of my life. I had a history of migraines but this one felt different and I knew something was seriously wrong. I called my neurologist and he said it may be a migraine and gave me a stronger pain killer to take.  That night my wife and I decided that I should be checked out at the ER at the local hospital.  The ER doctor ordered a CAT scan, which came back negative. The ER doctor told me to follow-up with my neurologist.

The weekend was spent suffering.  I saw my neurologist on Monday and he didn’t see anything obviously wrong.  He ordered an MRI which I had done the following day.  By Wednesday, he was calling me into the office.   I am going to be spending a little time in the hospital.   When I arrived at his office he did a spinal tap, and he admitted me to the hospital for additional testing.  During this time I get a few more MRI’s of the brain and scans of the spine, an EEG, and lots of blood work.

On the last day of the month of April, a lone doctor walks in.  Normally it is a team, the doctor plus 7 to 8 residents.   He looks me over a bit and says “The results came back from your spinal tap.  It has revealed that you have oligoclonal bands (Protein in the spinal fluid).  Based on these results and the results of your other tests you have Multiple Sclerosis.”  Then he promptly leaves the room,  and I lay there trying to comprehend what he said….”I have MS.”

My bipolar has been stable for the past 10 years, and this day it was shattered.   I quickly fell into a deep depression with crying spells wondering why me!  What did I do to deserve this!  I died that day, life was over.

After the diagnosis I am transferred to a rehab facility within a few days.    When I arrive at the rehab center, the social worker mentions what I knew of the disease.  I told her that I knew nothing, and then she said that she would get me some information.  The blurred vision was starting to diminish — the left eye was still jumping around.  I could read a little, and all the information she gave me talked about an 80% percent chance of being confined to a wheelchair in 10 years.   Not to mention all the other patients talking about who they knew with MS that was confined to a wheelchair.  This only added to my depression.

At the time of discharge I was able to walk a short distance with a walker, but grew tired very easy.   A month after the initial attack the body was starting to settle down from the initial MS attack.

I frequently heard that MS was “incurable.”  For the next seven years I am able to cope with the roller coaster called MS with more good days than bad days.  It was scary to wake up each morning, not knowing how you were going to function that day.

I watched a lot of news and TV which is fear based and that became my default mindset. It became impossible to be free when I lived in fear.

I grew sick and tired of being sick and tired – my life was hell and I wanted a cure.

Seven years after being diagnosed, I rediscovered life without fear.   I had a profound shift on how I saw things.   By using meditation, yoga and some practices that I developed,   I became free from the mind.   Then something amazing happened, I healed.  Ten years have passed and no wheelchair. I realize how fortunate that I am.

A World of Fear

world of fearI found myself on a stretcher being pushed into a bright room with a lot of noise and commotion. The next morning I woke up to find tubes connected to me, connected to all sorts of machines keeping me alive. I suffered head trauma, a broken hip and a broken arm.   I was 6 and I’d been hit by a van.

By my twenties, I’d completely lost reality. One day I’m role playing with Brad Pitt for the movie “12 Monkeys.” Another day I’m staring at a bottle of sleeping pills wondering why I should continue to live.

By my thirties I lost the ability to take care of myself. One day I found myself unable to walk.

By my forties I was a walking train wreck.  Suffering was “normal.”   In my twenties I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In my thirties I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I was also diagnosed with a few other things along the way to keep life interesting.

I read all I could about my various diseases, usually focusing on all the bad stuff contained within the books. I had discussions with my doctors to confirm what I read was true — they probably said it could happen which I turned into “will happen.”

I was trapped in the world of fear. I was convinced that all the stuff I read would happen to me. I had no realization that I gave up responsibility of my health over to the doctors. It was the doctor’s job to fix me — they were the “knowledgeable” ones. In my world, there was nothing I could do.  I was destined to live a life of suffering since there is no cure for my ailments.

Being disabled, I watched a lot of TV.   I was a couch potato watching up to 10 hours of TV a day on the weekend.   I would go get some exercise at a gym but TV watching was my primary hobby.   I loved ghost hunting shows.   I didn’t know if it was real or not – it was entertaining.   I saw a tweet from a Ghost Hunter for an upcoming hunt in the city at a paranormal location.   I was tired of MS limiting me so I decided to sign up and attend for an hour, going for the whole event wouldn’t have been possible.  For an hour I could push myself through it.

I researched the location and found the most active “hot” spot for paranormal activity.    I will see for myself it is real or fake.   At the event, I joined up with a group going to this location.  I saw something I could not explain – flashlights turning on and off by themselves as requested from the group.

This is real!

I had to learn more about what I saw.  For the first time ever I read book on spirituality.   I stumbled upon a book that mentioned meditation.   One benefit of meditation got my attention — inner peace.  The bipolar mind was not peaceful.   I really wanted inner peace.

I started to meditate,   it was hard.   The mind was non-stop with “you’re wasting your time.”

I pushed onward with a small 5 minute practice daily – doing my best to ignore the negative mind chatter.   As time went on it became a little easier and I was able to slowly increase the amount of time I was able to sit.   The mind was growing quieter.

As the mind grew quieter I was able to examine the thoughts.  I saw all the fake crap and drama that the thoughts produced.  I saw that the mind was not keeping me in this moment.   The thoughts were pulling me into the past or creating a future that doesn’t exist.  While in meditation I was in this moment,   watching these thoughts drift by.   The real work began when I tried to stay in the moment while not in meditation.   I saw the mind had a story for everything it saw.   In time, I mastered staying in this moment.

It was funny — I was able to detect the bullshit from other people – their lies.   However, I failed to see the bullshit coming from my own mind.   I saw that that I was one with my thoughts (no separation) —   I was waste deep in shit but couldn’t see it since I was too close.  Some thoughts are useful but most thoughts are crap.  I am now able to spot the lies from the mind clearly.   Only took 40 odd years to figure it out.

Once I had clarity with my thoughts,   fear dropped away.   Fear keeps us safe when there is a real danger,   however most fear comes from the mind which is creating a false scenario (crap).   Without fear and not believing the nonsense from the mind I no longer suffer.

I began to wonder why my doctors did not talk about holistic approaches to health for myself.  They were more than willing to give me a pill,  but never once mentioned meditation.   I saw from meditation even a bipolar mind can be tamed.   Mediation is considered spirituality and folks shy away from that term.   People are moving away from spirituality and into the scientific community.

This scientific community is more than scientists and doctors.   It is the media, other organizations, and the government that promotes an agenda usually based in fear.   They know that most people live in fear and they capitalize on this fear.    They have the money to saturate the airwaves and internet with their agenda.

When I look at the world today, I see folks that have become too dependent on the “knowledgeable” people (the scientific community) and in the process they have inadvertently given up responsibility for their own health.    I urge people to stop giving all their attention to this community and go find out what is true for them.

Find a holistic approach that allows you to find your own truth – our own unique path to the truth.   No one will have the same exact path, and no one can give it to you — they can only help point the way.   When you are aware of the truth it is easier to see the real needs of the body/mind.   For some that is medications and therapy for me it was meditation and yoga.

Without the bullshit from the mind —   Are your fears real? Have you given up responsibility for your health?   What does the body really need?

Go inside and explore the mind!