Creating a social profit organization for Head Trash Anonymous

Being a social entrepreneur, I’ve been struggling for years trying to determine a business model that resonates with my business.  A business based on the knowledge I learned from healing myself from chronic, disabling diseases.   I’ve looked at the various flavors of corporations, LLC, and non-profits.  Nothing quite seemed to fit what I needed.  A business coach recently said a “social profit,” you don’t have all the organization responsibilities of a 501(3)(c) yet you’re giving away 80% to charity.

I wasn’t sure how that would work, so I do what I normally do and brought this “social profit” idea to meditation.  I’m a firm believer of allowing the mind to relax, and allow the intuitive voice to arise.  This is a paradox; the mind believes it knows the best way forward while my gut feeling may be something entirely different.

Another way to view this paradox is from the eyes of a CEO.  Perhaps there is a new partnership possibility and they request various pieces of information along with advice from key staff.  Everyone could be green lighting this partnership yet the CEO gathers all this information and considers all the guidance yet something deep down tells them this is a bad idea and scratches this partnership.   A few months later something happens to this potential partner that no one saw coming, by not entering the partnership this company is spared financial damage.

While sitting in meditation this insight came through.  “Sam helps you by clearing your head trash.  You help Sam by paying a fee.  Then together you impact the world by a donating 80% of the net profits to a charity.”

I now how a clear vision on how this organization moves forward as a social profit.  As a social entrepreneur I want to give away millions without saying a word, as opposed to numerous entrepreneur’s bragging about their wealth and possessions.    I don’t remember exactly who said this perhaps Dr. Wayne Dyer, but this always stuck with me, “people won’t remember you by your possessions, nor your accomplishments, but by how you made them feel.”

My personal desire is for individuals to know a life without head trash – a life filled with happiness, clarity, and confidence.   A life I did not know for 44 years when my mind was filled with head trash.  An earlier life when I had to be committed so I did not commit suicide,  an early life filled with panic attacks.

Sam Shelley aka the Head Trash Baba is a published author, self-realized spiritual teacher and healer, and founder of Head Trash Anonymous.  Visit www.headtrashanonymous.org and join the newsletter to receive a complementary of “I Don’t Dwell,” which details his healing journey and a do-it-yourself guide to reclaiming your life from the mental garbage.

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