I’m Now a Priest in the Order of Melchizedek

order of melchizedek
Ordination Ceremony

Hi folks,

On Sunday June 7th, I became ordained in the Order of Melchizedek from the Sanctuary of the Beloved by Rev. Dan Chesbro.   This is a healing order based on unconditional love.

History of Melchizedek.  From www. sanactuayofthebeloved.com

Out of the many incarnations that “The Christ” assumed in order to serve the human condition, one is Melchizedek, a totally balanced being as a Priest and as a King— and spiritually androgynous. Being more “spirit” than “physical”, he/she appeared on the Earth without a birth experience, wrote The Book of Job and the teachings on the principle of “The Law of One”. Upon completing his physical work, through true spontaneous combustion, he left the earth plane. Melchizedek is beloved by many faiths, as a great teacher and prophet. The “School of the Prophets” and the Essene Order are a result of his earthwork.

When I was ordained I felt a lovely energy descend into my body,  and I was filled with a great sense of peace.

This new energy of Melchizedek has increased my healing abilities in my Divine Love Healing Circles.  Which were already amplified when the Incan Shaman Willaru was in town.  He gave me the names of the doctors in the superior dimensions.   The healing circle is now filled with many high level beings, I’m just a conduit.

I’m having a healing circle with physic readings tomorrow June 9th at Being One Center (formerly the Don’t Dwell Sanctuary) at 7 pm.  1330 Eddowes Road, Warminster, PA 18974.  Suggested donation is $10, however anything is appreciated.


Rev. Sam

I help you eliminate years of pain and suffering.


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