The Mind is a Liar!

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Confused Mind

Over the weekend, I meet a friend at Starbucks and we were discussing our businesses. She asked me if I had to summarize my core message in one line what that would be. I answered; “The mind is a liar.”

I can think of numerous events where I believed my mind was telling me the truth. When I was staring at a bottle of sleeping pills, and writing the suicide note. My mind convinced me that I “wasn’t worthy of life.” How can that be? My wife loved me; why wasn’t I able to see this?

Another time, I was laying in the hospital bed at age 37 unable to walk. After a few weeks, a doctor walked into my hospital room, and nonchalantly told me that I had multiple sclerosis. As quickly as he delivered that news, he walked back out of the room. No big deal to him – he wasn’t the one laying there suffering! After that news, I remember laying their crying. I could feel myself slip into a deep depression. My mind convinced me that “life was over.”  I simply gave up hope that I would lead a normal life. Once again, why I was convinced that the opinion of the mind was the truth?

Seven years after the MS diagnosis, life was very difficult since I had to get around the world with a physical disability. Then one day, I read about meditation. When I was reading about meditation, one benefit jumped out at me – inner peace! There was no mention in this text of health benefits. I simply knew that I needed inner peace, and began that night with a very simple five minute meditation practice.

When I look back at this event of meditation and inner peace, I’m surprised that I went through with it. I remember that first time I sat, my mind was constantly telling me that I was wasting my time. For some reason, I didn’t believe the mind in that instance. I simply knew that I deserved five minutes to myself. For the next two weeks, my mind continued being the inner critic, telling me that I was wasting my time. By the third week my mind was settling down, and after a few months the mind was fairly quiet during meditation.

Why was I convinced that my mind was telling me the truth for the last forty years? I was never told, or remember reading not to believe the mind. I was always taught to cherish my thoughts, beliefs, and opinions. When I began to meditate, and after a few weeks I began to see that the mind was lying to me. I finally saw that my thoughts weren’t the absolute truth. These thoughts were only true from a very limited point of view. I could finally see after a meditation practice my true potential outside the limiting thoughts. Something amazing happened when I quieted the mind: I healed! It’s beyond explanation, and perhaps this is a miracle.

Today, my passion today is helping folks re-write the limiting stories in their mind. When these limitations are removed, people can truly live their ideal life.

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