The One Key to Allowing Abundance

abundanceI was an anxious, scared of the world. This negative fear-based mindset attracted everything I did not desire, which included incurable diseases, a box full of medicine, and a cane.

I was unaware of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that like energy attracts like energy. Or as Buddha stated, “What you think, you become.”

For myself, I can clearly see that I was on autopilot going through life, allowing the subconscious mind to take over 99% of my actions.

The subconscious mind learns how to walk, how to feed ourselves, and even develops conditioned responses to the way we respond to daily challenges. For most of the time during my illness I was not making conscious choices. The mind had a huge to-do list that kept me chasing happiness.

Ultimately, the mind seeks constant gratification — it desires to always be happy. Except the happiness that the mind chases is conditional, and those conditions are constantly changing, making a state of happiness for most people difficult. Being happy was nearly impossible for me — I had a lot of pain and suffering.

When my subconscious brain was in full control, life was miserable. It gave me everything that I didn’t really want, and yet I had no idea that my energy was only returning that same energy. I would have made life easier for myself if I would have slowed down and allowed the conscious mind to make the choices. The subconscious mind works incredibly fast. The conscious mind is very slow.

Try this experiment:

Go grab a glass of water. Now without thought, take a drink. Make your arm grab the glass, lift it up to your mouth, then open your mouth, then tilt the glass so you can receive the water, close your mouth and then swallow. Those are basic steps; you could easily add a few hundred steps to this process.

Without interrupting the subconscious mind you will be forced into autopilot. When we are in autopilot, we are not in this moment — we have allowed the subconscious mind to take control. By slowing down and becoming aware of our choices we take control back from the mind.

A person in this exact moment is abundant and prosperity comes easily. Being present is simple, yet difficult. Taking back control from the mind becomes difficult when the loud mind is in your face with a huge to-do list. One has to be willing to spend time in meditation or performing tasks mindfully. These practices become your keys to abundance.  

I help guide people out of the mind by creating a unique program that will undo the subconscious mental programs that are attracting everything they do not want. My signature service is “The Undo.”

“The Undo” allows everyone to re-write the programs in their subconscious mind.   It’s our choice when we want to stop the cops in our head.

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7 thoughts on “The One Key to Allowing Abundance”

  1. Yes it is indeed our choice. What a timely post – I had this realization last night that I am letting life pass by and I was reading about Brendon Burchard’s book about slowing time and being present. I did that today – let go of the mind chatter and just observe everything during my 2-hour walk. Guess what, I was so tapped in that I did some “magic” with a potential client and she signed up on the spot!

  2. Nice post. Definitely agree with the Laws of Attraction. Also agree that we go through life on autopilot. I like the advice to be more in the moment and conscious of our thoughts and actions. Not an easy thing to do, but great advice. Love the meditation suggestion. Something I need to do more of.

  3. Great tip! I know I spend way too much time on auto pilot. I love this tip of being more present receive abundance and prosperity. I’ll definitely be starting my meditation practice tomorrow!

  4. I learned about the Law of Attraction a while back, and it’s so wonderful to see it applied in this way. Just gorgeous.

    I think of the Mind as a muscle that needs to be trained, strengthened and stretched. It might be possible that we are only able to have a Mind while we are alive, so we need to consider this to be a brief time when we get to work with our Mind directly like this.

    Thank you for the re-Mind-der! :))

  5. Wow, what a great post. It’s true, and I just posted “what we allow, will continue” and this is in line with everything that I am facing at the moment!! Beautifully written and couldn’t be more received!

  6. It never ceases to capture my imagination to think about how much we are driven by the subconscious mind. Your “drink a glass of water” exercise was simple and helpful to contemplate how automatic we become in our habitual lives. Great post. Thank you so much!

  7. Sam, your work is so needed. I also teach people how to overcome their minds. People often think that “autopilot” is how it is supposed to be – and it’s clearly not.

    Great exercise with the water. Being present is key to consciously creating the lives we want. Great post!

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