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Sam J. Shelley Discussing Ways To Reduce Stress During The Free Holistic Fashionista Speaker Series

On Monday, October 20 at 12:00pm PST, Sam J. Shelley will be appearing as a featured inspirational speaker during the 10-day Holistic Fashionista Speaker Series, which runs October 14 to 24.

Reduce Stress: Sam J. Shelley to speak at Holistic Fashionista Speaker Series

Throughout Sam’s talk, “Five Minutes a Day to Reduce Stress,” you’ll learn ways to eliminate the negative chatter and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your true potential in both business and life. You’ll also gain usable, actionable tips for discovering your own personal path to wellness and permanent happiness. And Sam will share a number of the tips that have led to highly improved levels of concentration—and greater levels of productivity—in his Mindset Mentoring clients.

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The never-ending cycle of violence — school shootings, genocide and war

cycle of violence

Read the news, and you will be presented with the daily tragedies.

“Ukraine says Malaysian Airliner with 295 Aboard Shot Down”

“Gaza Toll Near 340 As Israel Presses Ground War”

This one headline captured the essence of the violent world:

“Oregon shooting: ‘This is becoming the norm’ — but will anything change?”

There’s no rational explanation for our society’s cycle of violence. Nor is there a rational explanation for why someone would take innocent lives, whether in the form of a school shooting, downing an aircraft, or kidnapping and then killing the innocent, which starts a war. All those events succeed to keep us living in a state of fear.

Franklin Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Fear is a very powerful force; it keeps the mind busy with ‘what if’ scenarios, always thinking of ways to keep us safe when there is no immediate danger. If there is immediate danger, we must take action or perish.

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What Seeds are Being Planted to Help Your Personal Growth?

personal growthLife is always giving us what we need at this time — we simply need to pay attention to this moment.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I took a writing course from Joshua Fields Millburn (JFM).    In the course he mentioned blog sites that he likes: Colin Wright, AJ Leon and several others. I began to read their sites and follow them on social media with hopes that I may learn some writing and blogging tidbits.  I saw a post from Colin where he listed an event called the Instigator Experiment led by his friend Srinivas Rao.

I felt an impulse to read through the website for the event — nine speakers and a limit of 60 attendees.  I like small events and I only knew one speaker: AJ Leon.  Seeing AJ Leon’s name was a confirmation; I immediately knew that this was the next step after the writing course.  The universe is giving me another experience to grow.

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Why All Our Experiences Are Subject to Interpretation

Depositphotos_6186554_xsWe have a brain that is inherently faulty. The brain is trying to interpret the scene unfolding before it.

For a similar experience: Recall the prior experience and apply a conditioned response to this experience and make a judgment. Judgment is good, bad, right, wrong, love, hate. These are black and white areas for the brain as the judgment is predetermined.

For a new experience: Recall an experience that reminds you of this experience and create a new program using a previous program template and create a new conditioned response and make a judgment. People are often confused for a short time, since the brain is trying to acquire more information to formulate a judgment. These are the grey areas for the brain as there is no fixed judgment.

The older we become, the fewer new experiences. We become crotchety old people with our predetermined judgments.

The brain is naturally not seeing reality as neutral; it’s all subject to interpretation.