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All Diets Are Destined To Fail If The Brain Isn’t Altered.

Diets Are Destined To FailCrap! What did I eat? My routine before the shower was to weigh myself. I would think about the prior day and what I ate. This immediately put me in a bad mood, and kept me trapped in yesterday.

Why did I eat that, and not this? My favorite game was playing “what-if?” Thinking about the past wasn’t going to change the past, yet I did my best to change yesterday. I would create a new plan for the day. I am only going to eat this today. There was one problem, I had a habit of eating crap. I would have to make constant conscious choices.

Habits live in the subconscious, and this part of the brain is faster than the conscious brain. They only way to live in the conscious was to be here in this moment. I was rarely in this moment, my favorite habit was dwelling in the past.

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