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A ghost story

As I sit here, in the distance I can hear kid’s screaming.  It is Halloween and the kids are treat-or-treating.

No one has yet to approach our door.   I guess it looks like no one is home.  The TV is off and the lamp isn’t that bright.  The glow of the laptop is the only sign of life.  I am sitting low on the sofa so the glow must be obscured.  I do not mind though, it is time to write.

Here is a ghost story for my readers to enjoy this Halloween.

I once attended a TAPS Ghost Hunters event in Philadelphia at Fort Mifflin.  The fort is known in the city as a paranormal hot spot. I did not know what to expect or even if ghosts were real.   But I was curious after seeing them on TV and this was a chance to find out for myself.

During the Civil War the fort was used as a prison.  They kept the prisoners in an area called casemates.   This is where they stored the ammunition during the Revolutionary War.   A few prisoners were hung, and it housed several hundred confederate soldiers during the Civil War.

I was not able to stay the entire night, so when I arrived I made sure to head with the group going into the casemates first.   You had to walk through some narrow passages to get to the area.   It was a dark and dreary area.   I found a bench and took a seat.

A person in the group set up a mag light for a flashlight experiment.  In the experiment you turn off the flashlight, and then you twist it so that with a light touch the light will turn on.    After the flashlight was setup they walked away from it,   and no one was within 3 feet of it.   They asked for a ghost to turn the light on.  We were all sitting still, watching the light and after about 30 seconds the light went on.   Then they asked if the ghost could turn the light off, and about 10 seconds later the light went off.   She asked again to turn it on and off.   The ghost did as requested.    At this time more mag lights were setup.   They were setup a few feet apart from each other.    Now they were asking for specific lights to turn off and on, and they did!   Whatever this was it was intelligent.   I was completed baffled and amazed by this experiment.

A few other odd things happened that night that could not be explained, the flashlight experiment was the most convincing one of them all.

When you see it on the TV, you never know if something is rigged for entertainment purposes or if it’s real.    I was skeptical before the event because I haven’t witnessed it myself.   Now, I was certain that ghosts are real.

What are your thoughts on ghosts?