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Relax! You’re giving yourself an autoimmune disease!

autoimmune diseaseI was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriasis, and Psoriatic Arthritis. I was part of the growing epidemic of those diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

According to the National Institutes of Health, “More than 80 diseases occur as a result of the immune system attacking the body’s own organs, tissues, and cells. Some of the more common autoimmune diseases include type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and inflammatory bowel disease.”

There are many factors to create an autoimmune disease. One factor is the environment. Food, water, air quality and mental state. also contribute. I was frequently under a lot of anxiety and stress, and later diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I never knew how my mental state affected my health, and I was not diagnosed with my autoimmune disorders until a period of time after my bipolar diagnosis.

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The Key to Never Ending Happiness (Bliss)

I was in the dark for decades. My world was filled with fear, hate, and anger. In my pocket I had a pack of matches. When I lit a match I had glimpses of love, happiness, and joy. However, the match didn’t stay light for long and I would be plunged back into darkness.

A few folks have found lighters and various sizes of flashlights in the dark. They have longer periods of light. However, there are many things in the shadow that come out when the light goes out.

As a bipolar I was stuck with a pack of matches.

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The Madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

black friday and cyber mondayToday marks the start of the holiday shopping season in the U.S. The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, followed by Cyber Monday. This is when stores make 40 percent of their sales for the year.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are good examples of people going with the flow. Trying to acquire “stuff” that isn’t necessary for survival. I was there in the past, trying to get a good deal on “stuff.” That one item you are buying may be cheap but how many times to you end up with more than one item? The resellers know how to maximize your visit to their store and have the know-how to squeeze that extra dollar from you.

If you have to pay for this “stuff” with a credit card or forced to buy less of the basics needed to survive, then you have been fooled by the mind. The mind chatter tells us that we are lacking if we don’t acquire this “stuff.” After a little time has passed, when the credit card bill arrives, you have buyer’s remorse. You were expecting this “stuff” to make you happy indefinitely. The mind tricked you that getting this “stuff” would solve all your problems. You cannot buy happiness; true lasting happiness is within you.

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Birthing my First Book, and Discovering My Passion for Writing Along the Way

passion for writingI was gifted with good health after years of suffering. A lot of family and friends told me to write a book about my experience. At that time writing was not on my to-do list, I was simply thankful not to suffer. I would have been happy sitting on a park bench doing nothing.

My family and friends kept on asking how I did it. I didn’t really know, it wasn’t clear in my mind what I went through. After a few months, I was getting the internal urge to write a book about my experience.

I haven’t written anything of the magnitude of a book ever, the longest paper I ever wrote was probably in school when I had to write a ten page report. I wasn’t even reading that much at this time.

With multiple sclerosis my eye sight was affected, and reading more than 15-20 minutes gave me a migraine. Besides, the bipolar brain was obsessed with thoughts and it was stuck in “the land of poor me.”

After I healed the MS and bipolar brain were no longer obstacles in my life. I was starting to read a few books in order to gain an understanding of what I went through, and none of the books had a precise answer. There was a need for my story, and if I only knew what I went though.

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