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“Love Healing Blessings”: Experience The Descent Of Grace

healing blessingDuring a deep meditation, I felt the descent of grace, the same grace that descended that triggered my medical miracle (radical remission of multiple sclerosis, arthritis, bipolar, migraines).  Grace had a message for me to offer “Love Healing Blessings.”   This blessing came with a vision on how to give this grace filled “Love Healing”  to the world.

In a blessing, the divine love within me connects to the divine love within you.   When the connection is established, three triangles appear in my vision.  Then I feel this warm, loving energy descending and wrapping itself around us.  This loving grace is clearing the energy fields of any stuck energy, and dissolving the mental mud from our thoughts that are filling our head with the  not good enough beliefs.

The blessing is mostly silent, I offer words as they arise.  A typical session lasts between 5 and 8 minutes. After the session the receiver shall sit for several minutes and allow this love to integrate.

This blessing is offered by donation.

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I was frazzled and anxious. As the blessing began, I felt a calming and a release.” ~Mary

Sam J. Shelley provides mindset mentoring services to help you overcome fear, depression, sickness and more. Through the power of meditation and yoga, you too can learn to better control your thoughts. Contact Sam today to schedule your free :15 minute consultation.

Based in the Philadelphia suburbs (Bucks County / Montgomery County PA area), Sam can easily and personally meet with you in greater tri-state area and beyond. Sam also provides Skype services as well.

Reduce Pain By Healing Emotions

Sitting around being sad and depressed was my normal way of life.   Sometimes this would result in hospitalization to insure that I would not harm myself.  I often had strong emotions of not being enough or worthy — I had a lot of self-esteem issues.  I had a habit of taking all my thoughts as the absolute truth.

My emotions were felt thoughts.  For example,  someone that is afraid of heights can image themselves on a high building looking down — their heart rate will increase and their palms will get sweaty.  The brain is easily fooled into believing thoughts are the truth,  or the current reality.

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The healing power of the divine love within us

healing powerEarlier this week my father was near death after kidney failure which triggered septic shock. He was in the intensive care unit (ICU) with an uncertain outlook.

My father has had a lot of health challenges over the past five years. Most of his health recoveries have been slow and difficult. After being in the ICU for several days, he is being transferred to a normal room. I began to wonder why he recovered so quickly this time around, what is different this time?

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Reality clashes with the mind — dealing with my father’s health

My father is in the intensive care unit with kidney failure in septic shock (blood poisoning). We’re unsure if he is going to survive, but I have a hunch that the worst is over. Deep down, I realize my father’s spirit is perfect; it is his body that’s damaged.

When I reside in the present moment, I understand the situation clearly. If he does drop his body, I know he has simply returned to his natural form of pure consciousness.

My mind is always producing thoughts, always looking for a nugget to take me out of this moment. The mind is a storyteller trying to get me hooked into a story. I fell into the mind trap for decades and suffered great pain.

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A Medical Mysteries Interview with Dr. Clifton Meador

Dr. Clifton Meador

Today, I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 9 of Clifton Meador’s Virtual Blog Tour.

Clifton’s book Fascinomas is celebrating its launch from February 17th to March 3rd, 2014.

Clifton K. Meador, MD has a gift for filtering through tales and ‘can you beat this one’ stories that are passed around doctors’ lounges and operating rooms, and for coming up with succinct but extremely entertaining stories.

A ‘fascinoma’, as Meador defines, is medical slang for an unusually interesting medical case. He has gleaned and collected and curated 35 such cases from his own experience and the experiences of colleagues who have given permission to re-tell their own blockbusters.

Each case is reads like a short story – the presentation of a strange set of symptoms, the initial response of the examining doctor(s), gradual revelation of further symptoms (sometimes via revealed secrets from the presenting patient), and the final diagnosis.

Clifton’s mantra is: “There is not a medical diagnosis or a defined disease behind every chronic symptom; but there is a demonstrable cause if you listen and search carefully.”

Yesterday, Clifton visited Kathi Casey’s Healthy Boomer Body blog, where she asked him how disease labels can often be harmful to the patient diagnosed.

Today, I’d like to share with you a recent interview I had with Clifton when I asked about how a diagnosis can sometimes keep one ‘stuck’, and the importance of keeping a journal. I hope you enjoy it!


SAM: I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and migraines.  I was always fearful of what was coming next. Today, I have none of those ailments, I’m a medical mystery. Coming out of meditation one day, I simply knew that “all is well.” That day, all fear dropped away and I followed my intuition in getting off all medicine and recovering the damage done to the body from the various ailments.

Did I cause my ailments? Then later did I “turn them off?”

CLIFTON: Sam, what a great story! This is a difficult subject because it generates so much misunderstanding. My psychiatrist friend, Dr William Mundy of Kansas City KS (check out my interviews with him on YouTube www.doctorswholisten.net) says, “what the mind cannot deal with is relegated to the body.”  That is a powerful statement. He also says, “what is mind caused can be mind cured.” Not knowing you I can only guess that your cure was a mind cure.
No one I know consciously causes disease but unconsciously they can. Mundy goes into much more detail in our interviews on YouTube.

One has to get beyond thinking he or she just made themselves sick or that they are just imagining they are sick. The sickness is very real and it can be mind caused.

SAM: When I was dealing with bipolar disorder my doctor had me fill out a journal that had 10 questions to gauge my well-being. I became obsessed with the book and it influenced how I moved through the world.  For example, if I answered that my energy and mood were poor, I had a terrible day.

Is there a benefit to keeping a dairy for our symptoms?

CLIFTON:  I think diary keeping is best used when someone has chronic recurring symptoms – symptoms in the body that come and go. In those cases, there is often a toxic personal relationship or a toxic physical substance producing the stress that is still out of conscious awareness. The diary method helps to bring the “cause” into full consciousness. Only then can it be addressed or eliminated.

SAM: After I healed, I saw how the labels of my diagnosis kept me stuck. I told myself “I’m bipolar – I’m supposed to act this way” or “I have MS, I supposed to be disabled!”

How can these labels cause us harm?

CLIFTON: That is really a good question. I made up a dictum that says, “There is not a medical diagnosis behind every symptom but there is a demonstrable cause if one looks carefully and long enough.” Labels, especially if they are wrong or inaccurate, completely remove the patient from an honest search for causes. With a label or diagnosis, they have a name for their condition. They can tell friends. They can read about it. They can believe they are stuck with the named condition. Michael Balint in Scotland said “once a doctor and a patient agree on a name for a chronic illness, that illness, present or not, becomes incurable.” I found that removal of a false diagnosis is very difficult in some patients.


I hope you enjoyed this brief interview with Dr. Clifton Meador Fascinomas – fascinating medical mysteries is Clifton’s 13th book on medical matters. The response to True Medical Detective Stories led him to collect and write the 35 cases in Fascinomas. In Fascinomas, all of the clinical facts are completely true – the story of the illness, all lab work, all imaging studies, and the physical exam findings. If you are intrigued by the curative power of listening and engaging the patient and the family in searching for clues, especially when the symptoms are chronic and recurring – pick up Fascinomas. You can find the book on Amazon at:

Amazon US – Paperback: http://amzn.to/19bWyIs

Amazon US – Kindle: http://amzn.to/1cTp6aY

Amazon UK – Paperback: http://amzn.to/198bXLO

Amazon UK – Kindle: http://amzn.to/1iaxFz1

Amazon Canada – Paperback: http://amzn.to/KwrqKK

Amazon Canada – Kindle: http://amzn.to/1cHpzbC


Thanks for reading! Please share your comments and thoughts below. I love reading your feedback

Be sure to follow Clifton tomorrow when the next stop on his Virtual Blog Tour is Gerry Ellen Avery’s ‘Elephant Journal’ blog at http://elephantjournal.com/author/gerry-ellen-avery/, where she’ll be asking Clifton about “malingering” and the effect of placebos on illness.

All That Remains Is Love

For some, love becomes conditioned base. You first become attracted to someone based on a set of conditions: personality,  common interests,  financial success,  education,  physique, to name a few on a very long list.   They meet your conditions and you start a relationship.  In a relationship,   if your conditions continue to be met then love blossoms.

People fall out of love when these conditions are no longer met.  The mind is continuously adjusting these conditions for the ideal relationship.

The neighbor’s wife got a new job and their financial situation has improved. She begins to tell you all about the new job and how they will be able to live their dream –the ability to move to a bigger house with more land, the ability to pay for their children’s college expenses, two weeks in Paris.   Instantly, your mind wants that too.  Your ideal relationship just changed.  You now place more pressure on yourself and your spouse to acquire more money to meet your new ideals.

The mind is constantly in a state of comparison.  The mind is non-stop with opinions and judgment — it becomes impossible to be fully content.

Through a process of self-discovery, you see how thoughts create discontent.  Through self-discovery you become aware of your true nature that is beyond thoughts –this is awakening.   In most cases the awakening fluctuates – you are aware of your true nature, however the mind still has the ability to trap you with opinions, judgments and beliefs.   Through a mindfulness practice the awakening deepens.

Once you get beyond thoughts you find yourself in a permanent state of acceptance.    You accept each moment as it is.

In this state of acceptance you no longer believe the judgments and opinions, which are created from the mind.  You dismiss the mental noise coming from the mind.

Without the negative thoughts, how could you not love (accept) yourself?    This love transitions to a love of all beings.   You love all beings, as you love yourself.  You discover that thoughts create a false sense of separation.  Without thoughts you see how all beings are interconnected — there is a sense of oneness.

Beyond thoughts — all that remains is love.


Waves in the Ocean of Consciousness

ocean of consciousnessWe are dancing like the waves in the ocean of consciousness.   

On the surface level we dance around with the other waves, unaware that we are in the same ocean.

We bounce around and collide into each other.   The other waves show no concern for us.  We feel that we are a unique, and special wave.  Other waves should not be colliding into us!   It is dreadful.

When we go below the ocean surface, we see that our essence is the same.  We are not only a wave but a part of the entire ocean.   When surface conflicts arise go deep into the ocean and realize that the other waves have no impact on your well-being.

When you go deeper into the ocean you begin to discover your true nature.   This discovery reveals that you are a single drop of water from the large pool — everyone is made of the same water.   No one is special.

In the deep ocean we realize that we are one – separation is an illusion.

Radical Transformation: The End of Suffering

sufferingI lived a life of suffering. I had numerous experiences that caused suffering: being hit by a van, being diagnosed with numerous life-threatening diseases, being disabled, among other things. I was a mess!

Suffering comes in all forms: diseases, emotional distress, or current life circumstances

I have learned that life you gives whatever experience you need at this time to get out of the story of me. Each experience that life presents to you is offering you a chance to let go of the story. The universe wants you to discover your true nature. When we awaken to our true nature, you see how the mind is creating a story that this experience shouldn’t be.

When I was nearly killed by a van, the mind began to create a story that this should not have happened to me: “I was a good boy. I didn’t deserve to be hit.” But why not me? I wasn’t special. I wasn’t immune to the various experiences that life has to offer. Life is always giving us what we need for our spiritual growth.

You may dislike the lesson, but it is how it is. If you ignore the lesson, life will keep presenting it in different forms until you learn and grow from it. If this lesson is unpleasant, accept it regardless then look to see what actions can be taken to change it.

If you look at suffering as a teacher you will perceive it differently. I was taught/ attuned to Reiki, a healing technique — it was an effective tool for healing. One day I received an insight that I should not be healing anyone. I was taking away a lesson from this person. If I healed a person but they did not learn a life lesson from their illness or disease then it would come back. Maybe not in the same exact way, but life will always present the same lessons over and over until you learn and grow. We are spiritual beings in a human body, our purpose here is to experience life as a human and to learn something from this experience (karma).

No one person (doctor, healer, guru) or thing (medicine, herbs) can permanently remove your suffering. They can provide a temporary fix, but the lesson you need to learn will remain. Only you can change your suffering permanently — it is your karma. You have immense power to end your suffering, and when you learn the lesson then the suffering will stop. You are you own guru. You have to do the work — no one can do it for you.

You can learn from any experience by being here fully in this moment. The mind will distract you with endless chatter that this shouldn’t be and cause you to run away from the issue. The mind causes resistance to this moment — what we resist persists. Regardless of the situation, face it head on.

Without our thoughts that create a story that this shouldn’t be — suffering stops. Suffering originates from mind. The mind is creating a story. The body may still be impacted, but you have accepted the situation.  Look at the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking — he has ALS. Most folks with ALS die within five years; he’s had it for over 50 years. He has accepted his disease and the universe has rewarded him with a long life span and he has made a dramatic impact on society. If he kept stating, “Poor me,” and dwelt in those thoughts, it is unlikely we would know who he is today.

When you accept the disease rather than deny its existence you are not activating the body’s fight or flight responses which release the stress hormone Cortisol. Cortisol will make any health issue worse, and it will create additional diseases. Any fear based emotions will activate the body’s flight or fight response — anxiety, worry, and stress.

When I let go of the story my mind created about the diseases: I’m disabled, I have MS, I am bipolar, etc. Something amazing happened and I healed — the diseases went away. It defies logic and the medical community calls it “a spontaneous healing,” as there is no scientific explanation. I simply stopped believing my thoughts that were creating a story that I was sick. I stopped dwelling in thoughts, and developed a new mantra: “I don’t dwell.”

Through practice you learn not to believe the nonsense generated from the mind. Some thoughts are useful, but 90 percent of the thoughts are garbage. Garbage that is keeping us stuck in the past or projects a false future. My mind created a future that had me stuck in a wheelchair, that never came true but those thoughts consumed me. The only thing that is real is in this moment — in that moment I was not in a wheelchair.

You practice being in the present moment by completely accepting the situation, and then you look for actions to change the situation if it is not desirable.

Here are two practices to try:

Meditation: See my article on how I broke free from the bipolar brain.

Mindfulness: See my article if meditation isn’t for you. “Meditate.  No way, I can’t do that!”

Through practicing being in this moment, you learn how to interrupt the thought stream of thoughts. When you interrupt the thoughts your story of suffering drops away.

Your body may remain a broken down vehicle regardless of any actions, but the suffering will stop when completely accept the situation.

I am here to support you,  to help you find your way out of suffering.

I have created a closed Facebook group.  The whole world cannot see what you post, only the members of the community. There are numerous paths to get out of your story, you simply need to find the way for you. When you find the way, you will make a radical transformation and suffering will stop.

“I Don’t Dwell” – The End of Suffering

Look for the join button on the right side and I will approve the request.

Be well!

I’m Worried About You

worriedI was very sickly growing up.   My mom would frequently say, “I’m worried about you.”

Stating that you are worried about a person — to the person — is the worst thing you can do for them.  When I was growing up, I had no idea of the power behind my mother’s statements.

There are two categories of emotions: love and fear. All emotions can be traced back to one of these two categories.

Each emotion has an energetic charge to it. Energy attracts like energy. If someone is upbeat or positive and enters your space you will notice that you will  feel their uplifting attitude. If someone is complaining or yelling and enters your space you will notice that you will  feel their down-beat attitude.

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