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Self-Esteem and How to Succeed at the Job Interview

job interviewI had horrendous self-esteem issues for most of my life. The inner critic used to throw a lot of knock out punches my way and it kept me pinned down to the floor.

Whenever I went for job interviews it was tough. Getting in the door is tough enough, and when the mind starts chattering it becomes a no-win situation.

Whatever the mind would see, it would tell a story about it. If the interviewee reminded me of someone, I was pulled into the past and thought, “Oh, that person didn’t like me, so they won’t like me either.”

I didn’t have access to the Internet for the early job hunting days, so there wasn’t much research that you could do about the company. When the interviewee asked what I knew about something company-related and I didn’t know, the inner critic would chime in: “That’s it, you blew it. You don’t know anything!”

There is a way out from the inner critic — meditation and other mindfulness techniques. This allows you to place the inner critic aside.

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