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There Are No Mistakes

There Are No Mistakes“Why did I heal?”

I took this question into my contemplation practice. In this practice you ask yourself a big question with no easy answer. The objective of this practice is to quiet the mind and allow the deep wisdom to arise.

“There are no mistakes. We are given free will and in this state of choice there is “right action” or “distraction.” The noisy mind usually choses distraction, over right action. Right action is difficult in a fear based society. The mind thrives in fear. The mind is in charge with this negative mindset. It will bark out commands that we follow without much resistance. The commands are distractions that will prevent you from spending time to learn the lesson that life is presenting you.”

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Why All Our Experiences Are Subject to Interpretation

Depositphotos_6186554_xsWe have a brain that is inherently faulty. The brain is trying to interpret the scene unfolding before it.

For a similar experience: Recall the prior experience and apply a conditioned response to this experience and make a judgment. Judgment is good, bad, right, wrong, love, hate. These are black and white areas for the brain as the judgment is predetermined.

For a new experience: Recall an experience that reminds you of this experience and create a new program using a previous program template and create a new conditioned response and make a judgment. People are often confused for a short time, since the brain is trying to acquire more information to formulate a judgment. These are the grey areas for the brain as there is no fixed judgment.

The older we become, the fewer new experiences. We become crotchety old people with our predetermined judgments.

The brain is naturally not seeing reality as neutral; it’s all subject to interpretation.