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Podcasts For Healing And Other Podcast Outlets

podcasts for healingSometimes I get asked  why I’m talking to certain podcasts,  and if I’m concerned about the image their show projects.

I’ll basically talk to anyone that will listen,  as long as their podcast does not promote harm or cruelty.   It does not matter to me if they have an audience of  one or thousands.   If my words can improve the life of one individual then that podcast interview is a success.

If I am only talking to spirituality podcasts,  then someone like me when I was a health catastrophe will miss my message.   I recently booked a show on a comedy podcast — the Rob and Slim show.   A comedy podcast is a perfect vehicle for me, since I try to get people to not take life so seriously.

I’ve been sending my information to several podcasts for healing, and others as well,  trying to get booked to share my message.   I simply need to speak and inspire people that their stressed out life doesn’t have to be that way.

If you have a podcast  and need guests, let’s chat. Send an email to  media at dontdwell.org