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Chasing Your Thoughts Does Not Result In Happiness

Manage ThoughtsOur thoughts become the dangling carrot that we’re always chasing for happiness. We have to catch the carrot to be happy and content.

On the rare occasion we reach the carrot, and then we find that the carrot isn’t satisfying. Then a new, juicer carrot appears, and we begin to chase this one down. Then we do reach this carrot and we find the same result of the previous carrot. We are stuck in a loop, and we become obsessed with our thoughts and life isn’t satisfying.

I stopped chasing carrots by doing less. Doing less for me was finding my meditation and mindfulness practice. My initial practice was five minutes. For five minutes a day I did less chasing of thoughts, and this little activity started to quiet the mind.

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Podcasts For Healing And Other Podcast Outlets

podcasts for healingSometimes I get asked  why I’m talking to certain podcasts,  and if I’m concerned about the image their show projects.

I’ll basically talk to anyone that will listen,  as long as their podcast does not promote harm or cruelty.   It does not matter to me if they have an audience of  one or thousands.   If my words can improve the life of one individual then that podcast interview is a success.

If I am only talking to spirituality podcasts,  then someone like me when I was a health catastrophe will miss my message.   I recently booked a show on a comedy podcast — the Rob and Slim show.   A comedy podcast is a perfect vehicle for me, since I try to get people to not take life so seriously.

I’ve been sending my information to several podcasts for healing, and others as well,  trying to get booked to share my message.   I simply need to speak and inspire people that their stressed out life doesn’t have to be that way.

If you have a podcast  and need guests, let’s chat. Send an email to  media at dontdwell.org

Chronic Insomnia Home Remedy: Post Spiritual Awakening

chronic insomniaAfter my spiritual awakening,  sleeping became impossible.   I had a lot of energy pouring through me and I would sleep 3-5 hours a night.  Recently,  I attended the science and non-duality conference and saw Igor Kufayev.   I know that he has a wealth of information on spiritual awakening.    I posed the question to him,  “how do I sleep?”

He gave me a recipe for a chronic insomnia home remedy that is working for me,  and now I sleep 7-8 hours a night.

Before bed,  I meditate in silence for one hour.  I also meditate an hour in the morning   Two hours of silent  meditation a day.

Right before bed I drink a small glass of warm organic milk with a 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon,  and a little nutmeg.

I take gotu-kola twice a day.

Please let me know if this works for you,  or if you have other tips,  and if you’re completely lost on your insomnia issues then we should talk — please feel free to contact me.

Sam J. Shelley provides mindset mentoring services to help you overcome fear, depression, sickness and more. Through the power of meditation and yoga, you too can learn to better control your thoughts. Need to get over insomnia? Contact Sam today to schedule your free :15 minute consultation.

Based in the Philadelphia suburbs (Bucks County / Montgomery County PA area), Sam can easily and personally meet with you in greater tri-state area and beyond. Sam also provides Skype services as well.