Traveling for my first TV interview and I ended up writing a new book!

Last week, I was invited to speak on “The 504” show in New Orleans. I accepted the invitation and had to rearrange my schedule and make immediate travels plans. The show was in four days.

Traveling to New Orleans was a long flight with a stop in Chicago. During the long flight I wrote for nearly five hours – I was in the conscious flow. The information was coming through so quickly that my hand was cramping up.

The new book that arrived was a Law of Attraction book with a different slant. The wisdom from “Perfect Spirit” was profound; I learned many new things and saw how my first book, “I Don’t Dwell,” followed the Law of Attraction perfectly. The law can be summed up quickly: energy attracts like energy.

When I was dwelling in negative thoughts, I was very fearful of what was going to go wrong next. The universe gave me everything to support that state: incurable diseases, a box full of medicineTV interview and a cane.

When I had the dramatic shift, I was no longer in a state of fear. I was no longer telling the universe that I wanted these diseases, and a spontaneous remission occurred.

During the flights (I wrote on the way there and back) the shell of the book was complete; I simply knew that more details would be coming to make the book more alive with information to create abundance.

On Tuesday morning, I arrived at the WWL-TV Studios in New Orleans. WWL is a CBS affiliate that has a sister station on WUPL – MY54. I was running late to the studio; there was a small sign on the door that was easy to miss. I arrived a little late with no time to prepare. I sat in the green room for less than five minutes before moving to the set. I was the second segment, and they were just about to tape the first segment.

Walking into the studio was an interesting experience, all the cameras and various sets. The show is taped on the WWL news set. The host of the show was Sheba Turk. It was a bit unnerving for a moment when the teleprompters started rolling her scripted introduction of me. I had to take a moment to clear my head; there was a lot of chatter about the new experience of being on set.

Sheba knew all the right questions to ask that allowed me to tell my story, my experiences and how folks can help themselves. I talked about being focused in this moment and to take small steps toward change.

TV interview
In the studio with Sheba Turk, host of ‘The 504.’

I really enjoyed the interview and I think it will give people hope that there is a way out of the mind. Perhaps they will see that their mind is creating limitations – the cops in the head.

After the interview I made arrangements to visit a friend who owns a local business (Raw Republic). She runs a smoothie and juice bar. I tried a sample of green juice; I never had green juice before. This would be a new experience. It was okay, it would be an acquired taste. I could see myself drinking this one day for the health benefits.

Later in the day, I returned to my hotel room and put on my ‘Free Hugs and Hive Fives’ shirt. Wearing the shirt, I spent several hours roaming the French Quarter. I saw that kids, party people and the homeless were more open to hugs and high fives. Many adults are trapped in their head, and the party people have no inhibitions. The party people had no voice in their head creating limitations; they were all about having fun.

If everyone made life fun naturally then we wouldn’t have the negative drama of the world. All drama is created from the mind. I love walking around, engaging people, bringing a smile to them. Life is about having fun, not drama.

On Wednesday, I went to another business called Shine. From visiting a friend’s Facebook page, the owner learned that I’d been on “The 504” show. At Shine, which is a spa, I led a little meditation and gave a talk with all the staff. This was a lot of fun. From this meeting, I went right to the airport to go home.

It was a very short trip, but very worthwhile. I got introduced to the New Orleans population through TV, and I have the privilege of releasing a new book into the world probably in 2016.

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