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Head Trash Clearing Session for optimal health and vitality


  • Are you overwhelmed with life?
  • Unable to sleep due to racing thoughts?
  • Suffer from panic attacks?
  • Worried about money, health, relationships, or jobs? 
  • Sufferend any traumas that your mind is constantly replaying?

Our health is impacted by stress,  personal habits,  karmic debt,  past traumas (PTSD),  and our belief systems.   These are just a few of the many causes of Head Trash.

How would your life and health improve if you removed your head trash?  

All sessions are done through Zoom, and the recordings are given to you.  Each session lasts roughly 75-85 minutes.  

Each session is unique. Sam drops into a deep meditative state as he tunes into you.  As his tunes in,  he begins to balance your energy and has a "discussion" with your perfect spirit.  Sam then leads you into a channeled meditation practice for one key issue in your life. 

For more information visit. 

Head Trash Anonymous



"Shifting and taking control of your inner dialogue is the way out of a life of unhappiness."
Sam J Shelley - Mantra   Yoga + Health Magazine  




"For me, Sam provides immediate insight and awareness into my state of being in the moment.  Sam's guidance on meditation and mindfulness has changed the way I prioritize work & life.  And, Sam always guides me to new opportunities for growth and reflection.  After working with Sam, I feel wildly energized, engaged, and empowered to get moving."
Kara, San Diego, CA


"Sam Shelley has been the miracle for changing my life. Since speaking with Sam and doing mindfulness meditation that Sam has taught me. The leg spasms from the Multiple Sclerosis have stopped. I also have taken 30 steps without the walker. My mind is clearer and my focus and clarity are back also. The mind is very powerful. Also I have had amazing abundance come into my life. Including new great relationships. I got my power back. Thank you Sam for showing me the Truth!!!!
- Love, Stephanie 
"Igniting Your Creative Passion"


 "I had no idea what to expect in my session with Sam but it exceeded far beyond my expectations. I could instantly feel the powerful shift in my energy and within just minutes Sam was able to clear the blocks I had been trying to overcome for a long time. I could physically feel the difference and amazing opportunities literally began pouring into my life the next day. Sam is the real deal and I am so incredibly grateful for him and his work."
Jenny Giblin, International Yoga Instructor, Therapist & Nutrition Expert