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My Story

”Sam, The Miracle Man,” as he is affectionately called by his friends.  Sam has survived two near-death experiences and five incurable diseases (bipolar, multiple sclerosis (MS), migraines, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis).  Sam spent most of his life in pain with his mental and physical disabilities.  Sam required thirteen medications a day and needed mobility aides (walker/cane). 

After suffering for many years,  he saw that traditional medicine was not the answer, since his health continued to decline.

Today, Sam lives free of disability, free of medicine, and free of disease. 

Sam discovered meditation and had a profound spiritual realization when he discovered that he has thoughts, but he was not his thoughts. He saw his negative thoughts as Head Trash.  After his head trash was cleared, he heard a voice say, “Perfect Spirit.”  He followed this intuitive voice to recover his body and mind.  His doctors cannot explain him – the miracle man.  

Sam is an Author. Minister of Inspiration, Healer, Speaker, and founder of Head Trash Anonymous.  Head Trash Anonymous helps people to heal and recovery from negative thought addiction. 

Sam leads three meetup groups in the Philadelphia area –  Miracles Happen Now,  Head Trash Anonymous, and Don’t Dwell…Just Live.

Sam has appeared on TV, radio, podcasts, magazines and live appearances around the country.  He writes articles, creates vlogs, and lives his passion of helping people clear their head trash, get out of their life of pain, and restore their health.   Sam brings hope to those that feel hopeless.  Sam also has a YouTube Channel;  "Don't Dwell."  


Sheba Turk -- "The 504 Show"

"When I was told I was "incurable", I stopped living. I was always in a fearful mindset, wondering what else was going to go wrong. I felt like I wasn't worthy of life, which made me suicidal. I need to tell others that they aren't hopeless. If I can find peace, they can to."  ~Sam

Get in touch with Sam, The Miracle Man and learn how to clear your head trash to a place of optimal health.  If you are unsure if head trash clearing is for you,  or if you have any questions.   Be sure to schedule your free 20 Minute Head Trash Health Assessment!   





To book Sam to speak visit Gig Salad.


Get Sam's book: 

Sam's book went out of publication when his publisher went out of business.  Send a message to Sam using the contact form to receive a complimentary electronic copy.

You can read the reviews on Amazon.

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