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I Don't Dwell by Sam J Shelley | Healing & Recovery Process

About the Book

“I Don’t Dwell”

Sam’s life was filled with pain and suffering. From the age of 6 a van nearly took his life. As an adult, he was hospitalized several times due to suicidal tendencies as a bipolar, and then being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis that left him disabled.  In addition he had psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and migraines.

One day things suddenly changed, and his health was miraculously restored.  This healing could not be explained by his doctors.  He later learned that the medical community calls it a spontaneous healing.   And over the course of eighteen months he made a full recovery from the traumas.  Sam is no longer disabled, has no health issues, and no longer needs medicine.

This is the story of his transformation which began with a five minute daily practice.  In this book he shares all the practices and tools that he used for recovery.

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The Columbia Book Review

This unique book will keep readers’ interest by sharing an eventful life story, filled with trials and tribulations, interspersed with the valuable lessons that the author had gained through overcoming those challenges. Mr. Shelley’s commentary about modern life and the incessant noise of electronic communications and media, rings true even to those whose hearts beat faster to the sound of electronic pings and who willingly submit to the constant immersion in news and tweets. “I Dont Dwell; How I Used Meditation, Mindfulness, and Yoga to Reverse My Incurable Diseases” is a worthwhile book. It will make you think about ways to improve your own life, or, at the least, “have compassion for yourself.” Highly recommended.


Amazon Review

This is an inspirational and motivating book! Sam Shelley tells his story of how he went from being riddled with pain and disease to being pain and disease free. While Sam makes it clear that this is "his personal story" I believe much of what he shares and discusses as part of his transformation journey can be used by many. The idea of not dwelling on our challenges or what we have read regarding our challenges is sound advice. Thank you for sharing your amazing story.